Keeping the Legacy Alive

Mr. Lewis beyond being the Greatest fighter of all time was a self developed intellectual. He understood that the cognitive/meta physical produced the physical. He shared that attributes must be aligned with thoughtful expressive purpose.
Above all else in life through his personal development journey he focused on producing intellectual fighters. He expressed through action, writing and conversation his distaste for individuals whom were unable to release themselves from the trappings of regimented activities and groups. This theme carried through his coaching, political discourse and friendships.
Joe Lewis was an independent individual and this made his greatness by example that much more powerful. There is no need to connect his legacy through comparison. He was his own shining beacon as much as any other legendary martial artist/scientist. Mr. Lewis studied , lived and expressed his spirit at a level only reached by a few contemporaries. Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris, Bill Wallace,    
Joe Lewis was a proud Marine. He often gave tribute to his training in the Marine Corps and traditional Okinawan arts. From this foundation he built and independent process by which he and others that he mentored could launch themselves into expression of the self through their own independent intrinsic spirit. He left his students with many maxims and mottos including two that he felt epitomized the intellectual fighter/coach:

Cum Corde Et Animis: "With Heart and Spirit of Courage"
Vis Sapientia Spiritus: "Strength" (live force, violence, resources)
                                      "Wisdom" (proficiency in philosophy and science)
                                       "Spirit" (consciousness, courage, vigor)

Echo of Greatness... 
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Legendary World Champion Black Belt Joe Lewis and Dr. Ian Marshall during a photo-shoot for Black Belt Magazine.

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